Dr. Terri AldredDr. Terri is Carrier from the Tl’Azt’En Nation. Her great-grandmother is Cecilia Pierre from Tache. Her great-grandfather is Norman Prince from Nak’Azdli. She is a member of Lysiloo (Frog) clan who were traditionally known as the voice of the people and those who walk-in both worlds. She was raised with the core value that “the pride of one is the pride of all.” This gave her strength to rise above her personal limitations to finish her medical training as well as dedicate her work to serving her community.

She went to the University of Alberta for medical school before completing her Family Medicine residency in Victoria, BC. She now serves five First Nations communities with Carrier Sekani Family Services, is the Site Director for the Indigenous Family Medicine Program, and Clinic Lead for the Foundry Youth Clinic in Prince George, BC. Her practice motto is “The road to good health starts with you. I am here to help.”

For pleasure Dr. Terri enjoys spending time with family and friends, communing with nature, practicing yoga, and expressing herself creatively through her writing.

This blog reflects my journey before, during, and through medicine. Topics include Indigenous health, Western Medicine, Spirituality, the Divine Feminine, Growth and Transformation. My writing reflects my own experiences and beliefs and will draw upon many teachings I’ve received mostly from Indigenous elders but also from many other teachers, writers, bloggers, therapists, etc. I will do my very best to reference my sources and to refer people to the inspiration behind a piece of writing when there is one.

Sna Chaylia,

Dr. Terri